EARN: customized take-back solutions

For electronical equipment, batteries and packaging across Europe in compliance with the law

What we offer

  • Customized take-back and recycling of waste electrical equipment across Europe
  • Recycling of WEEE in the country where it occurs
  • Direct links to online WEEE take-back forms on your website

How you benefit

  • Manufacturer’s responsibilities are fulfilled
  • No waste transportation across borders
  • Your obligation to provide an appropriate WEEE take-back solution is fulfilled

Manufacturers/distributors have an obligation to take back waste electrical equipment throughout Europe. Furthermore they are obliged to take back electrical appliances at product end of life, free of charge. The requirements for taking back waste electrical equipment vary from country to country, however. By recycling waste equipment in the country where it was bought and used, you can rest assured that these requirements will be complied with.

Take a look at our take-back solutions, also including batteries/accumulators and packaging

What WEEE take-back solutions do we offer?

As a pan-European recycling network, we can develop customized take-back solutions to suit your requirements. We organise the take-back of B2B waste electrical equipment in Europe. The recycling services are provided locally by our recycling partners. If necessary, a complete logistics scheme including the use of containers can also be supplied. Unlike in all other EU countries, manufacturers in Germany also have an individual obligation with B2C waste electrical equipment. Here we offer a nationwide full service for coordinating the collection of all equipment categories, in line with the National Register for Waste Electrical Equipment (Stiftung EAR). We have also set up a network of take-back points where people can return their waste electrical equipment free of charge. Our customers use these waste equipment figures for reports on their own take-back, reducing their own collection obligations.

Our WEEE take-back services:

  • Take-back and recycling of waste electrical equipment across Europe in compliance with the law through our recycling network
  • Logistics solutions including the use and exchange of containers, collection and transport, as required
  • Take-back of B2B material within Europe
  • Reporting take-back volumes and recycling quotas
  • Complete service throughout Germany managing B2C WEEE collection through the National Register for Waste Electrical Equipment (Stiftung EAR).
  • Simplified take-back through web-based application
  • Providing online WEEE take-back forms
  • Recycling in accordance with the country-specific recycling quotas
  • Regular auditing of recycling facilities of our network by qualified environmental auditors