Services to comply with the Packaging Directive

What we offer

  • Registration of packaging material
  • Reporting on time
  • Organising take-back solutions

How you benefit

  • Compliance with deadlines and requirements
  • Country-specific implementation
  • Single point of contact throughout Europe

For over 20 years, the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC (which was implemented in Germany as the Packaging Directiveand becomes the Packaging Act on 01/01/2019) has set out the take-back obligations for manufacturers/distributors. This directive was implemented differently in all European countries. In many EU states, distributors of packaging and manufacturers of packaged products are obliged to register with recovery organisations, to provide detailed and clear overviews of packaging and materials, or to find their own solutions, for transport packaging for example. Manufacturers/distributors of sales and transport packaging have an obligation, in line with their responsibility as producers, to arrange proper take-back of their packaging. With our services, we can assist you in complying with the Packaging Directive.

Services to comply with the Packaging Directive (VerpackG in Germany):


  • Collecting your master data according to country-specific requirements
  • Registration with the relevant organisations
  • Management of related administration


  • Regular sales data collection, broken down into different packaging materials
  • Declaring volumes on time according to country-specific requirements


We can assist you in joining a packaging compliance scheme. appropriate packaging compliance scheme, if required, or in registering with the authority in charge.