EARN Service: complete solutions for producers of electrical equipment

Manufacturers/distributors of electrical and electronic equipment are subject to the European WEEE Directive. Each country has implemented this in different ways, which makes it it important to observe the country-specific details.

As a manufacturer/distributor, you can benefit from our comprehensive expertise:

  • Knowledge of each country’s legislation on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Assisting businesses in fulfilling their obligations
  • Management of registration, reporting and administration
  • Developing an optimal take-back solution for your waste equipment, taking your circumstances into account

Are you a manufacturer/distributor of electrical equipment under the WEEE Directive?

According to the WEEE directive, you are classed as a manufacturer and/or distributor if you…

  • Place equipment on the market that you have manufactured under your own name and brand, in an EU country for the first time (manufacturer)
  • Place equipment from another manufacturer on the market, under your own name or your own brand, in an EU country for the first time
  • Place electrical appliances from a third country on the market of an EU country for the first time (importer)
  • Are established outside the country in which you distribute, and provide equipment to consumers using distance sales communication (“distance seller”; online stores and mail order companies)

For manufacturers/distributors, a distinction is made between B2B and B2C equipment:

  • B2B (business to business) electrical equipment is exclusively used for the industrial and commercial customer sector. Such equipment is rarely used in private households, if at all.
  • B2C (business to customer) equipment is destined for use in private households. Electrical equipment which can be used in private households as well as in the professional field (dual-use equipment) is considered B2C equipment for registration purposes.

What we offer manufacturers/distributors of B2B equipment

Manufacturers/distributors of B2B electrical equipment can fulfil their obligations throughout Europe simply and reliably with our customized Full WEEE Service. This includes registration as a manufacturer, reporting and WEEE take-back.

Find out more about EARN’s WEEE solutions.

What we offer manufacturers/distributors of B2C equipment

We make it simple for manufacturers/distributors of B2C electrical equipment to ensure they are fulfilling their obligations throughout Europe with our customized Full WEEE Service. With EARN, you’ll have a one-stop provider of services such as registration, reporting and WEEE take-back.

Find out more about EARN’s WEEE solutions.

For B2C electronic equipment, most countries rely on approved compliance schemes. Germany is the only country where take-back and recycling of end-of-life B2C equipment is the manufacturer’s responsibility.

We offer a comprehensive service in Germany to fulfil the specific and unique obligations for producers of B2C equipment.

The National Register for Waste Electrical Equipment (Stiftung EAR) is the responsible agency for implementing the Electrical Law in Germany. Manufacturers/distributors of electrical and electronic equipment register with this agency, which manages reports and matches waste equipment volumes with the corresponding manufacturers.

Take advantage of our expertise in take-back solutions in Germany to fulfil your obligations.

EARN can manage your obligations as a producer of B2C electronic equipment  in Germany:

  • Registration with the National Register for Waste Electrical Equipment (Stiftung EAR)
  • Proof of guarantee against insolvency with an annual update
  • Providing containers for WEEE collection as well as picking up WEEE from collection points (public disposal facilities in Germany)
  • Treating and recycling the collected WEEE
  • Reporting the volumes of electrical equipment sold, as well as the volumes of WEEE taken back (annual statistics reports)
  • Appointing an authorised representative for companies without a physical presence in Germany

In Germany, we operate a nationwide network of certified recycling partners. We have a long-term, trust-based relationship with the specialist disposal companies, which ensures proper take-back of WEEE in compliance with the legislation.

Thanks to our recycling network, we can also organise our own take-back with cost benefits. The amounts we take back can be counted towards the volumes collected from public collection points.

Precise request processing is guaranteed by our software solution (‘EARN tool’).

The EARN tool’s benefits:

  • Collection request and EAR collection order management
  • Integrated deadline monitoring and status display
  • Individual access rights for recycling partners and EARN staff

EARN: take-back solutions for B2C manufacturers in Europe

Approved compliance schemes are available in almost every European country. Manufacturers/distributors transfer their obligations to these schemes, in line with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive. The schemes approved by the relevant authorities take responsibility for collection and recycling of waste electrical equipment, mainly from private households. EARN offers a total solution including membership with the compliance schemes and the associated administration. That means you have a single professional point of contact for the whole procedure across Europe. Our service is available for individual countries as well as for Europe as a whole, according to country-specific regulations.

Our services for manufacturers/distributors in Europe:

  • Joining producers to licensed compliance schemes
  • Submitting country-specific reports