With EARN, you won’t miss any deadlines: WEEE reporting across Europe

Reporting solutions for electronical equipment, batteries and packaging

What we offer

  • Declaring sales volumes
  • Reporting WEEE returns
  • Europe-wide

How you benefit

  • Reliable compliance with deadlines
  • One reporting contact for all of Europe
  • Simple and suiting your needs

In accordance with EU Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE Directive), reports on electrical equipment placed on the market must be submitted regularly. Since the directive was differently transposed into national legislation in each country, reporting intervals and deadlines vary. We take care of these responsibilities for you, saving you any potential complications.

Take a look at our reporting services, also including batteries/accumulators and packaging.

What reporting services do we offer?

You can focus on your core business and let us take care of WEEE reporting on time. EARN is your qualified partner for reliability when it comes to collecting and reporting data regularly throughout Europe. Rely on us to declare your figures with the relevant authorities and save yourself the trouble of time-consuming individual reports or heavy fines if deadlines are missed.

Our WEEE reporting services:

  • Collecting sales data as required
  • Declaring figures on time according to country-specific requirements
  • Reporting take-back volumes to the relevant authorities
  • Fully documenting and archiving all relevant files