EARN clients: we work with manufacturers from all over the world!

Well over a hundred renowned manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment have been putting their trust in EARN’s service for many years. These include small traders as well as some large companies in the IT hardware and telecommunications sectors. Because our work entails a high degree of confidentiality and trust, we cannot name all our customers here. If you would like to find out about other case studies to get a better picture of us as a partner, please contact our team.

EARN’s areas of business and clients

  • Full service for manufacturers of electrical equipment in the professional sector (B2B):
    customers from medical technology, industrial equipment, measuring technology, IT, etc.
  • Europe-wide take-back solutions for waste electrical equipment, disposal through EARN’s network of recycling partners and centralised management through EARN
  • Europe-wide management of manufacturers’ obligations for WEEE registration and reporting
  • Organisation of WEEE (B2C) collection throughout Germany, at public collection points for manufacturers
  • Participation in European research projects and specialist advice with manufacturer
    For projects, see R&D