Full WEEE Service

One-stop full WEEE service

We ensure that manufacturers/distributors from all
over the world are compliant with the WEEE obligations
throughout Europe.

Batterie- und Verpackungsrücknahme

Your partner for battery and packaging
management in Europe

Our service simplifies compliance with the requirements of the
battery and packaging directives and we manage the
administration for you.


EARN: your customized WEEE, battery and packaging management service throughout Europe

EARN – the European Advanced Recycling Network – is your qualified partner in complying with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive in Europe. We provide 15 years’ experience in fulfilling the requirements of the WEEE Directive for manufacturers/distributors of electrical and electronic equipment. Benefit from our expertise and contacts with authorities and compliance schemes in each country. We guarantee an expert customized all-round service.

EARN – WEEE made simple!

Our services

Full WEEE Service

EARN can put together a comprehensive, customized package for you to fulfil your obligations arising from the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive .Full WEEE Service in Europe (i. a. in accordance with the legislation including the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG)). Customized and country-specific.

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We arrange for waste electrical equipment to be taken back for you throughout Europe, in compliance with the law. You will benefit from our established network of local recycling partners.

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WEEE Registrierung

We will register your company as a manufacturer/distributor with the relevant authorities and/or compliance schemes.

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WEEE Mengenmeldungen

Don’t miss any deadline. We declare your sales volumes to the relevant authorities and/or compliance schemes in each country.

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If you are a battery manufacturer/distributor, we can help you comply with your obligations under the EU directive, including registrations, reports and take-back.

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We will help you meet the country-specific requirements of the EU Directive on packaging and packaging waste.

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Why choose EARN as your partner for Europe-wide WEEE take-back?

Over 15 years of experience

EARN’s shareholders and recycling partners, who have worked in the waste electrical equipment take-back and recycling sector since the 1990s, were heavily involved in the design of the European WEEE Directive and its implementation. In 2003, the partners joined forces and formed a network to fulfil the requirements with one core solution, both across Europe and nationally, as EARN Elektroaltgeräte Service GmbH. You will benefit from over 15 years of expertise of waste electrical equipment take-back, recycling and reporting processes.

Europe-wide take-back

Product responsibility is a key priority of European waste directives. Manufacturers must offer suitable solutions to take back their products when they become waste. EARN guarantees country-specific and customized take-back management of waste equipment and industrial batteries on behalf of manufacturers/distributors, thanks to its pan-European network of recycling companies.

One-stop full service

We assist you in fulfilling all requirements of EU waste directives for electrical appliances, batteries and packaging. We can also organise for your waste electrical equipment and industrial batteries to be taken back adequately.

About EARN


Everything you need to know about the EU directives on electrical appliances, batteries and packaging and their implementation in each country. Who is affected by the requirements? What are manufacturers/distributors or authorised representatives? Questions and answers to help you find out more.

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EARN Netzwerk

EARN, the European Advanced Recycling Network, is a service provider for manufacturers/distributors. Working together with reputable recycling companies in Europe, we ensure that our clients fulfil their obligations under the WEEE directive.

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Our team has many years of experience and all the expertise you need Thus we can provide comprehensive support on an individual basis. Short lines of communication, quick decisions and detailed information, all from a one-stop provider.

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