EARN: solutions for distance sellers in Europe

The EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive states: ‘Whoever professionally provides electrical equipment to private households by means of distance communication in a Member State of the European Union, but is not established in that territory, is deemed a distance seller and is required to appoint aperson or business established in that territory prior to placing electrical or electronic equipment on the market.’

The authorised representative (AR) takes responsibility for you as a producer in the country in question. The appointment of an authorised representative may vary depending on the legislation in each country. Distance sellers (online retailers) are especially affected by this rule throughout Europe.

EARN makes it simple for you. We arrange for an authorised representative to be appointed for you in the countries where you do business, ensuring that all your obligations under the WEEE Directive are met.

Solutions for distance sellers in Europe

  • Taking product responsibility for you in Germany and managing the appointment of an authorised representative in other European countries
  • Carrying out registration, reporting and all related administration
  • Arranging for aqualified take-back solution, taking your individual circumstances into account