EARN services for battery manufacturers/distributors

The European Battery Directive (Directive 2006/66/EC on batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators – implemented in Germany as the Battery Law/BattG) obliges manufacturers/distributors throughout Europe to dispose of their waste batteries and accumulators properly. These include batteries and accumulators that are integrated into electrical appliances. Producer responsibility lies with the company that puts the batteries or accumulators on the European market for the first time. The manufacturer/distributor is obliged to register with the appropriate authorities/battery compliance schemes, according to the battery type, and submit reports as necessary. The manufacturer/distributor is also obligated to ensure the batteries are correctly recycled once they become waste.

The European Battery Directive distinguishes between battery types as follows. This is not uniformly implemented in each country:

  • Portable batteries and accumulators
  • Industrial batteries and accumulators
  • Automotive batteries and accumulators

Our services make it simple for you to fulfil your obligations. We provide expert advice and appropriate solutions to ensure you comply with the Battery Directive.

Our services for manufacturers/distributors in Europe:

• Registration with the relevant authorities/battery compliance schemes
• Declaring sales data on time
• Take-back solutions for waste batteries and accumulators (industrial batteries)

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