EARN: your qualified partner for registration of batteries and packaging in Europe

The European directives on batteries and accumulators and on packaging and packaging waste were adopted both to ensure take-back as well as proper recycling, and to reduce the volume of packaging waste throughout Europe. They have been implemented in different ways by each country. Our service simplifies compliance with the requirements of these directives and we manage the administration for you.

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For manufacturers/distributors of batteries and accumulators, we manage compliance with country-specific regulations, registration, joining a take-back scheme if necessary, reporting and organising a take-back solution according to your needs.

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With the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, Member States are required to find harmonised rules to reduce, re-use and recycle packaging waste. Its implementation varies from country to country. With our services, you will be sure to comply with the Packaging Directive (Packaging directive 94/62/EC).

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