We stand united.

The European Advanced Recycling Network, EARN, was founded by Europe’s market leaders in the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE): Coolrec B.V., Electrocycling GmbH, Indumetal Recycling S.A. and STENA Technoworld AB. This is a broad and specialised association with combined experience in the areas of environmental management, transport & logistics, waste disposal & recycling.

EEE manufacturers are also responsible for their products when they reach the end of their service life. Requirements must be outlined for this based on the European WEEE Directive (WEEE = Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), the individual implementations of which require comprehensive solutions in the member states.

We provide our customers with all services related to compliance with the WEEE Directive throughout Europe and centrally coordinated by a single source. We are represented in all EU member states by our strong associates and reliable regional affiliates.

EARN provides a direct, personal contact for each customer and profound know-how of the legal WEEE provisions in the individual countries. This way, we can act proactively for our customers in their markets and future markets standing united in our common goal.