WEEE can be easy.

Focus on your core business – we'll do the rest. Whether you are an importer or manufacturer of EEE, batteries or packaging, if you are required to comply with the respective regulations EARN is the best partner to have on board.

As a unique service provider, we can deal with all services relating to your waste management: registration, sales data reporting and take-back/recycling. According to your wishes and requirements, we offer the centralised control and execution of every step in the all-in package, as well as handling individual aspects you wish to delegate to us.

We even make registration easy for you. Where are your markets? You name the countries where you sell your products and where you are required to comply with the stipulations of the corresponding directives. Then we prepare the registration according to the specific legal conditions of those countries. We ask you for all the necessary details and information and take over communication with the competent authorities or compliance schemes on site – anywhere in Europe.

For sales reporting we regularly ask for your "put on the market'' or sales data and report these to the authorities and/or compliance schemes of your EU markets pursuant to each country’s requirements (monthly, quarterly, yearly).

Our take-back service covers all aspects of collection, transport and logistics of your WEEE as well as waste processing and recycling in certified facilities. We deal with appliance returns on site in cooperation with the approved local affiliates in our network. We can of course also organise services such as dismantling, in-house removal, data deletion, serial number tracking etc.
Finally, you will receive regular reports from us relating to the take-back of WEEE amounts in the individual markets as you wish and depending on the number of returns monthly, semi-annually or annually.